By: Bernie Diaz, Recruitment Manager 

We’ve all heard this before… “Work Smarter, Not Harder” and man, does that make sense!
If you’re a carpenter, you should have the right power tools to save you stress and strain.
If you’re a chef, a sharp knife, food processor and pressure cooker can save you hours.
And if you’re a recruiter, a strong candidate pipeline can dramatically cut your search time and help you shine with clients by delivering top talent faster than your competition.

By: Bernie Diaz, Recruitment Manager

Recruiter, the moment you identify a candidate as a good match for a position you’re working on, is the moment you start forging a strong partnership. After all, you’re both pursuing the same goal: a successful placement. A Win for the candidate, a Win for the hiring company and last but not least, a Win for you!
In order for this partnership to work, you must both share the same passion towards earning a job offer.
Here is what I demand of myself …

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