By Bernie Diaz, Recruitment Manager, CTI Consulting

As top tier recruiters, one of our jobs is to create possibilities. A proactive submission is one excellent avenue and a strategy where everyone wins. But, more about that later.

In order to put this strategy into play, we must think beyond the searches we’re currently focusing on and be ready to act when an opportunity presents itself. The ideal scenario is when a candidate you’ve established a long relationship with, reaches out to let you know that he or she is back in the market. Perhaps you have no open positions at the moment reflecting their expertise but, you’re well aware of their talents, so, get creative!

You collected your annual bonus in January and the check has now cleared your bank.  Your patience in staying with your current employer through the holidays has paid off.  Now, you are definitely ready to bid adieu to your over-bearing boss and that annoying guy in the cube next door in search of greener (no pun intended) pastures.

But, where do you start?  And, how do you navigate the job search process in such a way that you are able to leave on your terms and for the best opportunity?  Fear not grasshopper.  Below is your guide to landing your next position while avoiding the most common pitfalls.

We’ve all heard this before… “Work Smarter, Not Harder” and man, does that make sense!
If you’re a carpenter, you should have the right power tools to save you stress and strain.
If you’re a chef, a sharp knife, food processor and pressure cooker can save you hours.
And if you’re a recruiter, a strong candidate pipeline can dramatically cut your search time and help you shine with clients by delivering top talent faster than your competition.